Bugle For Kids Fundraiser Event

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Bugle for Kids is an annual fundraising event made possible by Tom and Meredith Brokaw, Ron and Susie Dollens and Denny and Susanne Ware.

2015 Winners

Photo Top Left: Kailie Beaupre; Photo Top Right: Doug Campbell (guide) and Kailie Beaupre

Photo Bottom Left: Lucas Ridgeway;

Congratulations Kailie Beaupre, Sweet Grass County Winner, on her successful hunt for the Bugle For Kids, and to our Park County Winner, Lucas Ridgeway! A Big Thank You to our guides Lonn Clark, Rick Martz and Doug Campbell. Thank you to our sponsors, Tom and Meredeth Brokaw of the West Boulder Ranch, and Ron and Susie Dollens and Denny and Susanne Ware of the 12 Springs Ranch. Also, thank you very much to everyone who supported our 2015 Bugle For Kids by purchasing raffle tickets.


2014 Winners

Great job to Kevin Dodd and Jackson Bradenberg on their successful hunt for the Bugle For Kids! Thank you to Scott McMillion and Brian O'Conner. A Big Thank you to our guides Lonn Clark and Doug Campbell. Thank you to our sponsors, Tom Brokaw  of the West Boulder Ranch, and Ron Dollens and Denny Ware  of the 12 Springs Ranch.




2013 Winners

Photo Left: Steven Damian; Photo Right: Sawyer Manuel with his grandfather Jeff Cowell

2012 Winners